Who we are:

J. Carson & Associates is here to help you find the right candidates.  We are marketing research and consumer insights search experts.  Recruiting nationwide since 1979, we have established a qualified and experienced professional network to call upon. Our clients are diverse and include major manufacturers of consumer packaged goods and durables, leaders in high-tech, e-commerce, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, financial services, retail, entertainment, marketing research companies, management consulting firms, and advertising agencies.

We work on either contingent or retained searches at all position levels including: analysts, managers, directors, vice presidents, presidents, and everything in between.

The Process:

Our recruiting efforts begin with your call or e-mail.  Let us know about your current and future needs and we’ll be on our way to discovering the best candidates for your position and organization.

Our Approach to Your Search:

We are always prepared to reach out to our network of uniquely qualified contacts and candidates.  With our experience in the industry, we know how to pre-screen and pre-qualify research professionals.  We understand the differences between various research disciplines and methodologies.  We discuss every aspect of your position with our candidates to gauge whether the fit is right for everyone involved.  We will not waste your time with unqualified candidates: once we accept a search, we are committed to achieving the right fit.


Our Focus:

Finding the talent you seek drives our success.  We do everything we can to provide you with the best candidates.


We look forward to your call and the opportunity to serve you.


We are here to help!